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Zaid Hanna's 2023 Review & 2024 Housing Projections

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2023: A Year of Defying Expectations

Last year was a rollercoaster in the Bay Area real estate market. While many predicted a downturn, the market showed remarkable resilience. Property values increased by 10%, starkly contrasting with the 5-10% decline in 2022. 


Key Highlights from 2023

  • Sales Dynamics: The national home sales dropped to 3.8 million from 6.2 million in 2021, a clear indication of a shift in market momentum.
  • Interest Rate Spikes: With rates hitting 8%, we saw some cooling effects in the market. This was a crucial factor for both buyers and sellers to consider.
  • Job Market Stability: Despite recession fears, a robust job market sustained consumer spending, influencing real estate positively.
  • Seller Reluctance: Low inventory levels led to a cautious approach from sellers, impacting the overall sales volume.
  • Millennial Momentum: A surge in Millennial buyers stepping into homeownership significantly affected market demand.
  • California is Under-building: Since 2010, we've been underbuilding by about 500,000 homes annually, creating a tight market with limited options and causing a significant housing shortage.


2024: Predictions and Strategies

Looking ahead to 2024, I'm cautiously optimistic. Here's what to expect:

  • Lowering Interest Rates: I foresee a potential reduction in interest rates by 5%, improving affordability and enticing buyers.
  • Unleashing Pent-up Demand: Years of constrained buying activity could result in a burst of demand this year.
  • Stock Market Influence: The stock market often signals upcoming trends in real estate. As it recovers, we might see increased buying power.
  • Home Value Uptick: My prediction is a 5-7% in home values, a positive turn that signals a robust and healthy market.



2023 taught us to be adaptable and informed. As we step into 2024, let's use these lessons to create success in today’s housing market. If you're considering entering the real estate market, upgrading, or downsizing, our team is here to guide you through the process. Connect with us at 408-515-1613 today!

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