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Ashourina Hanna

Director of Operations


In real estate, agents are at the forefront of the business, but Ashourina has served as the backbone and support system for Real Estate 38. Her goal is to change the real estate industry by making it more client-centric. Applying her business acumen, psychology background, and humanitarian mission, Ashourina has been fundamental to the growth of the Hanna Group. Since real estate provided her family with security, stability, and belonging when they had nothing, Ashourina wants to provide the same service to others. In Ashourina’s words, “We believe that everyone deserves a home and everyone deserves the best in life.” 

In addition to being a motivated businesswomen, Ashourina is also a committed philanthropist and dedicated mother of two. Her belief in serving others has led her to organize partnerships between Real Estate 38 and local charities, such as Sacred Heart Community Center, Habitat for Humanity, and Community Seva. Ashourina’s passion for service extends not only to the clients of Real Estate 38, but also to the community as a whole.

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