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Amanda Brown

Marketing Coordinator


When it comes to real estate, it’s the agents who are often the face of the industry, but there are plenty of other equally hard-working professionals who don’t always get the same recognition: those who are employed behind the scenes. Amanda Brown is one of those professionals. She uses her expertise in marketing strategy, social media, and content creation to promote Real Estate 38 and convey its mission to prospective clients.

Originally from Athens, Georgia, Amanda graduated with a bachelor’s degree in marketing from the University of Georgia. She moved to the Bay Area in 2019 for a change of scenery and to experience the exciting career opportunities that the region has to offer. She loves Real Estate 38’s focus on relationships and customer service, as it reflects her desire to build connections and develop a strong support system. Although her creative drive is evident, Amanda is also motivated by integrity, honesty, and dependability as she focuses on how to best communicate the team’s purpose and value to its wide range of clients.

In her spare time, Amanda engages her athletic side. An avid ballet dancer growing up, she now enjoys ballroom dancing, the gym, hiking, traveling, and scuba diving.

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